VIP Aircraft Interior FAA/DER certified engineering

B&D Design Services has completed projects on a wide variety of aircraft platforms from small corporate jets to narrow and wide body VIP/Commercial Aircraft.

Platforms include the following:

  • Boeing 777, 767, 757, 747-400, 747-8, & 737 (BBJs)
  • Airbus A340, A330, A321, A320, & A319 (ACJs)
  • McDonnell Douglas MD11, MD80, DC9
  • Lockheed L1011
  • Gulfstream GV, GIV
  • Bombardier Global Express, G5000, Lear

In addition to monument design for all of the above platforms, B&D Design Services has designed and delivered Headliner and Sidewall Kits for the B777, B767, B747-8, B737, A340, A321, A320, & A319 platforms.

We have heavy structural design experience for the B747 with a forward stair case replacement from circular to straight.

timeline of platforms

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